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About Us

Diamond Pasta factory is one of the biggest investments made in The Balkans in the last few years. The factory is equipped with the latest machinery and technology for pasta making. We are more than able to supply the entire region with our products and Private Label Products, due to the high capacity of production which is 72 tons in 24h. The quality of pasta is always made determined by the quality of the raw ingredients, which are only two, semolina flour and water. This is why we use top-quality durum wheat, imported from Canada, with the highest protein content (14%). The longevity of the quality the pasta also relies on the quality of the packaging, this is why we use recyclable matte plastic bags, to preserve the quality and freshness of the pasta and meanwhile to be ecologically friendly. The end product is for sure top-quality pasta that stays “al dente” and never overcooks. Diamond Pasta comes in various shapes: short, soup, and long pasta. From Risoni and Stelline, made to be cooked in a soup or stew, to Spaghetti and Buccatini maid to be combined with different sauces and be served as a main dish.

“We will never compromise on providing consumers with the best tasting products that perform at the highest levels”..